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Holy Spirit I - Dr. Fuchsia Pickett (BT217)

This course examines the mission and ministry of the Holy Spirit in relationship to God the Father and God the Son. Students will gain an understanding of the personality of the Third Person of the Trinity and the potential for true communion with Him. Course topics include the seven personalities, the seven moods, the seven offices and the seven powers of the Holy Spirit.

-Gain a clear and correct understanding of the Holy Spirit and thus pave the way for encounters with Him.
-Identify the Person and personality of the Holy Spirit.

Dr. Fuchsia Pickett was one of the finest Bible teachers of the 20th century. When she passed away in 2004, she left a legacy of revelation that will impact the church for years to come. Among her greatest contributions were her prophetic view of God's plan for an upcoming revival, her call to the crucified life and her understanding of the nature of the Holy Spirit and His role in a believer's life.

Title - Presenting The Holy Spirit
Author - Dr. Fuchsia Pickett
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