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Theology: The Nature, Essence and Attributes of God - Dr. Mike Chapman (BT108)

This course explores the Christian doctrine of God, with an emphasis on an apology for God's existence, the biblical description of his nature and divine essence. The Divine Trinity is examined, along with the biblical names of God and the unique works of God as outlined in holy scripture.

-Recognize the importance of the pursuit of the knowledge of God.
-Develop a biblical understanding of the nature, essence, and character of God.
-Inspire awe and worship of the Almighty God.

Dr. Mike Chapman is an ordained minister who has pastored Lee Highway Church of God in Chattanooga, Tennessee since 1976. He is a frequent speaker at church conferences, seminars and convocations and serves on the part-time faculty of Lee University. Articles by Dr. Chapman have appeared in a variety of Christian and professional periodicals. He is also the author of Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts and co­-author of Discipleship: Discovering the Christ-Life and The Jesus Walk.

Title - The Knowledge of the Holy
Author - A.W. Tozer
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