The Value of Christian Higher Education Script

What is the value of Christian higher education? I am often asked why I chose to achieve my Doctor of Theology degree even after pastoring full time for over 20 years. Everyone just assumes with that kind of experience I must have learned everything along the way. The truth is I did learn a lot through experience. 
Soon after being born again I began my academic journey. It was 1994 and we barely had the internet much less the online Learning Management System we enjoy today. My church had a connection with a Bible school that offered distance education as it was called back then. It was great content that is still helping me grow today. 
Somewhere along the way I realized how experience and education are actually fuel for each other. Both are necessary to discover everything that God has made us to be. Like most of us, I got “busy” for many years and relied more on experience and my personal studies were put on hold. But in 2017, I came upon the opportunity to get back to it. I restarted with courses offered by Liberty College of Biblical Studies in partnership with Christian Life School of Theology Global. I found technology had come far and I was able to enroll in my courses on-demand. Lectures were now on video and exams gave instant results. I could even adjust my learning pace to fit my still busy life. And that isn’t even the best part…
What I found in the courses were instructors that not only gave me information to raise my IQ. They also imparted to me to raise my EQ…they changed me in ways that allow me to better serve everyone around me. Whether at home, school, work, church…everywhere. 
So, what is the value of Christian higher education? What do I “do” with a Doctor of Theology degree? My degree represents the investment that I have made to learn more about an amazing God with a mission to save this world. My education and experience allow me to leverage my life within my spheres of influence to glorify a savior who gave His life for mine. What is the value of a Christian higher education? It is priceless and immeasurable in this lifetime…God bless you on your journey to discover all that God has made you to be!