Student Orientation Script

Thank you for enrolling as a student. Whether you are just getting started or well into your journey, we are excited to help you achieve your academic and leadership goals! Login to your Learning Management system and connect with us from the Contact page. Also, be sure to visit Student Help and read the Student Handbook. You will find what we do is not complicated but it is somewhat unique so let’s get you oriented and ready to go!

You are about to experience non-traditional education offering flexibility seldom found in traditional programs. This simply means you are going to love the freedom to choose courses that serve you best. With the exception of Ministry Certificates and Concentrations available at the Bachelor of Theology level, every course you take toward your goal is completely up to you!
The heart behind our flexibility is matching the amazing uniqueness of each student. We expect doctors, engineers and school teachers to be comparable so they are educated much the same. However, students of Christian higher education need options that add value to the limitless combinations of personality, experience, strengths, gifts and calling…the list goes on! The point is the Kingdom needs the individual God created to serve in a very special way.

As you begin, consider achieving a Ministry Certificate. These relieve any pressure of choosing your first five courses and are stackable as the credit earned also counts toward all degree levels. You can earn multiple Ministry Certificates at the same time you are achieving your degree goals. Building from there, you can earn a completely customized Bachelor degree as well as choose multiple concentrations even as you achieve higher Master and Doctoral degrees. All courses are free of prerequisite and available for any degree level.

Whatever your starting point, get moving toward your goals by choosing and enrolling in your first course now as you prepare your Evaluation of Prior Learning Portfolio. 45 days are allowed to complete each course and this is ample time to gather documentation, submit and receive results of your evaluation. By the end of your first course, you will have everything to map the journey to your next degree level or Ministry Certificate!